Amanda Diva “Madame Monochrome” [FreEP]

In Music on April 30, 2011 at 11:45 pm

After nearly two years away from music my fam Amanda Diva is back with a brand new project. DdotOmen and SoulCulture present: Madame Monochrome, a 10 track FreEp from Deevs. I was definitely feelin’ her collab withSki Beatz“ManChild,” you can also look forward to hearing production from BlacSoap, Droop-E, Cook Classics, James Poyser, and more. “Though she was busy with other projects, it was her frustration with America’s obsession with image over artistry and money over musicality that made her decide to put music to the side.  But a recent trip to Europe to perform in Berlin and Paris showed her that there is still a world that appreciates true artistry!  Renewed, she came back to the states, got back on the mic, and found her way to Madame Monochrome.” Check after the jump to hear what Deevs been cookin’ up over the last few years.

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